Java 3D 1.5

Java 3D 1.5

Free Create 3D graphics for Java programs
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Generate and edit three-dimensional graphics to be used with applications and applets created in Java. Runs on JDK 1.5 or newer.

Java 3D, the recent version being 1.5 is the parent project for Java 3D related sub-projects developed on The source code files for this various 3D sub-projects are within the sub-projects themselves and the parent project contains no source code. The above mentioned sub-projects include:
- j3d-core which is the core 3D API.
- Vecmath which is the 3D vector math package.
- j3d-core-utils which is the 3D core utilities
- j3d-contrib-utils which is the optional contrib utilities for Java 3D.
- j3d-examples which is the Java 3D Example Programs.
- j-3d-incubator which is the Java 3D Incubator Project.
- j3d-optional-utils which is the Optional Utilities for Java 3D.
- j3d-vrml97 which is the VRML97 Loader for Java 3D.
- j3d-webstart which is the Web Start Binaries for Java 3D.
- j3dfly which is the sample applications for J3DFly and J3dEditor.
- skinandbones which is the Real time mesh deformation using skeletons.
- vecmath-test which is the JUnit tests for the vecmath package.

Java 3D version 1.5 enables users to create high quality 3-Dimensional graphics for applications and Internet based 3-Dimensional applets. With the help of this Application Programming Interface, you can also create and manipulate 3-Dimensional geometry. In a word, with the help of Java 3D 1.5, you can create and define very large virtual objects and worlds very efficiently. Now you can easily build and control the behavior of 3D objects and visual environments with the help of this simple but high quality programming model. The most amazing part of it is that, you can very easily create rich, platform-independent and scalable graphics with the help of Java 3D 1.5, that can be incorporated within applications and applets based on Java technology. Although, the 1.5 version of Java 3D runs on JDK version 1.5 and higher, it is also supported by other operating environments such as; Windows (x86), Linux (x86), Linux (AMD64), Solaris (SPARC), Solaris (x86) and Mac OS X (Universal, requires JSR-231/JOGL). Java 3D applications are invoked similarly as other java applications by calls to: static void main (String[] args) { .. }
Java 3D applets also run exactly the same manner like others. The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that, a account is a must if you want to join the parent Java 3D projects or download the Java 3D source code or build Java 3D from the source code. So the first thing you should do is create a account after the installation and it is a very easy procedure.

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  • Easy-to-install
  • Platform independent
  • Can create high quality, scalable graphics and animations that can be incorporated in Java applications and applets


  • Has no installer available presently for the Mac Os X operating environment. One needs to download the file and manually install the necessary files into JRE
  • As for the Java extension mechanism in Mac OS X - if you have two different libraries with the same classes in classpath, you might end up with problems

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